Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kapolei Elementary Schools craft fair

  This was our last craft fair for this year.  Thanks to those of you who came out to support us.  Here's a picture of our booth, yes I know it was very small but that's what happens when you sign up late!  They give you the smallest booth and throw you outside!  All kidding aside, it was my fault for signing up so late.  To tell you the truth thank God we had a small booth cause this is all I could whip up since the fair we did at the Blaisdell wiped us out!  Before I forget, I would like to thank my Aunty Lianne from Chassy's Creations for coming out to help us (even though she wasn't feeling too well).  She even brought some of her stuff to help fill my booth (and yes, once again I didn't take pictures of it!  I took this picture before she got there....I swear I'm not doing this on purpose! lol!).  Thanks Aunty, you rock!
  Below we have my sister Cheri, owner of Never Satisfied Clothing.  She had the booth right next to me.  I know I've been promising you pictures of her clothing line and sadly enough this is all I have.  She was planning to have people modeling her clothes so we could do a photo shoot but in all this craziness we haven't had the time.  The second shot is a close up of her shirts (next time I'll remember to take them out of the packages!).


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