Sunday, October 16, 2011

Very Ticked Off!

Some of you may remember that I posted pictures of my sisters baby shower back in January of 2010. Well it was brought to my attention today that someone has been using one of my photos on their website and claiming it as her own:

Her name is Karla and you can see her plagiarising post here

In the past as some of you already know I have had to deal with other people copying my work and claiming them as their own. Such as the tea boxes which I made for about 30 fellow bloggers and passed out at a get together. Well one so-called "blogging friend" took that gift and figured out how it was made (not that it was hard) and started selling seats for a "make and take" in her craft store in which they learned how to make the very gift I made her. And I also hear that she is selling those tea boxes in her craft store. Very hurtful because it was a "gift". And then I have also had two other local craft girls actually purchase items from me and then turn around and post the instructions of how to make them on their blog. Without any due credit to myself or even permission to do so. Usually being CASED is an honor (when due credit is given) but not when they pretend it was their idea. I have not posted about the above noted situation before but seeing this post by Creations By Karla really took the cake. It is more hurtful than anything when these people claim to be your friends. I will not mention any names or give any blog addresses for the above mentioned because those people know who they are. After seeing what this lady Karla did I just had to mention it. So if any of you were wondering why I haven't updated my blog in a long time, this is the main reason. I guess you could say I am still a little bitter about it all.