Thursday, September 25, 2008

Caramel Apple Paint Cans

  The paint cans are back!!  This time we've filled them with a caramel apple kit!  Since these are the small (1-quart) sized cans, the kit is only enough to make one caramel apple.  Each can comes with an apple, wooden dowel, handful of caramels to make the caramel sauce and a bag of chopped roasted peanuts.  All you have to do is insert wooden dowel in apple, heat caramels in the microwave, dip apple in melted caramel and then into the bag of chopped peanuts.  Really, it's that simple!!!  But we've included instructions just incase.  

I made them for my kids tonight and they just loved them!  This is the perfect little gift for those little ghosts and goblins on Halloween.  A friend of mine just ordered a bunch to give to her guests at her Halloween party.  Remember Halloween falls on a Friday this it's perfect for a Halloween party!

We also have these kits available in our large (1-gallon) sized paint cans with enough ingredients to make 4 caramel apples.  


Designer Hand Bags with matching wallets

Here's a new addition to our purse line.
Don't you just love the faux Louis Vuitton papers!!! I know I do!

Wallets are designed to hold money or a gift card and acts as a card with greeting printed inside. Give this ensemble as a gift instead of a plain old card. Here at Paper Kisses we like to take gift giving up a notch! Now what woman wouldn't like to receive a gift card or money in a designer wallet and bag instead of some boring gift card holder that the stores give away for free? Purse is also big enough to hold a small gift.

Check back soon cause we'll have more bags and wallets posted. We also have more Halloween items
coming soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Halloween Cupcake Boxes

     These cupcake boxes are made of 80# cardstock and can hold one cupcake (cupcake not included).  Box has an insert so that you're cupcake won't slide all over the place.  We have many different Halloween designs and these can also be custom made for a birthday party or other event.  Contact us for more info.  

Halloween Cupcake Holders

  Having a class party?  Then why not send your cupcakes in these adorable cupcake holders (cupcakes not included).  We have many different colors and prints.  These could also be made for birthday parties, just let us know so we can coordinate colors and theme with you.  We'll post more pictures of birthday samples for you in a later post.  Also available for these cupcake holders are small cellophane bags that you can just stick these little babies in and top off with a twist tie or ribbon.  Contact us for more info.       

Monday, September 15, 2008

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  A friend of mine recently found out she was expecting a baby.  I sat down this weekend a whipped up this cute little card for her and also made her one of our Strawberry Baskets (shown here).
For some reason she's been craving anything that is round, so I filled these strawberries with Ferrero Rocherre (sp?) chocolates.  I hope she'll love them!

 (Inside card)

Spooky treats

 Aren't these candy boxes adorable?  Each one is made with 80# cardstock and can hold about 5 pieces of candy.  These, as well as all of our other Halloween items,  can come empty for you to fill or we can fill them for  you.  

Here we have individual shots of each box.  


Skeleton & Mummy

When ordering please specify you want all of the same design or an assortment of designs.

Box / Bags - Now in a smaller version!

In an earlier post we posted some box/ bags in a larger size (shown here with skull print).  Here we have created a smaller version that's a little more easier to fill for an entire classroom if you're on a budget.  These smaller bags can hold approximately 3-4 small candies where as the bigger ones holds a great handful.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

M & M's sliders

This is a smaller version of those Hershey slider treats that were posted in yesterdays post.  Pull the ribbon and out pops a bag of mini M & M's.  A cute and inexpensive treat for children to hand out to their classmates or to just simply hand out on Halloween night when those little trick-or-treaters come knockin' at your door.  Many more designs available.  

Monday, September 8, 2008

Friendship Photo Album

  I don't know about you, but my kids are back in school and their school pictures have already arrived.  After cutting their pictures the other night I realized that the kids nowadays don't really have anything cute to put their pictures in.  So I sat down at my crafting table and came up with this.  It's more like a mini scrapbook / photo album.   My daughters favorite color is blue so all of the pages have some kind of blue in them and each page is formatted for her to stick a photo on.
  This book is very sturdy, made with very heavy cardstock, and  has a velcro closure.  Available in many different themes and colors.  Call us for more info.  

Hershey Bar Sliders

Pull the ribbon at the top of this slider and out pops a full sized Hershey Bar!  We have many more prints available and can be customized to fit your candy of choice.  

Halloween Box / Bags

  These Halloween box / bags are a great alternative to those plain old bags we used to stuff with halloween candy.   Those were so boring!  
  Each bag is approx. 6" high and 3 " wide.  Big enough to stuff with lots of treats!  Bags can be sold empty to fill yourself or let us fill it for you.  Assorted prints available.  Call us for more info.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Halloween Candy Book

Okay, I know a promised you a couple Halloween items today but I have only one to post.  I was way too tired last night to finish the other one!  On that note, we have great news....our Halloween shipment arrived last night so we'll be able to post more samples for you tomorrow and the days ahead!

For those of you who have little ones in grade school and are looking for an inexpensive treat to hand out to your childs' classmates, we have our candy book.  Okay, it's not really a book, but it sure looks like one!  The children open it up to find a treat inside.  Book is approx. 3" x 3".   Assorted prints.  

Bride & Groom Wedding Favors

Here's a unique twist on the ordinary wedding favor.   Both are made from #80 cardstock and are very sturdy.  Each favor is a box that can hold candy, cookies, or what ever small item you may want to include in your favor.  The wedding gown is made from a raised embossed cardstock, I know the details aren't that visible in this shot but the paper is really beautiful.  The tie and sash can come in many different colors to suit your wedding theme.  

Strawberry Baskets

                                                                                These cute little strawberries are made of paper but tucked inside each berry is a sweet surprise.....chocolate!  A great gift for a teacher, co-worker or just to show someone that you care.  The small baskets come with six strawberries and the large with twelve.  These also come cello wrapped with a gift tag.  Prices vary on the type of candy requested.  

Purses Galore!

Okay I don't know about you but I'm always looking for something cute and different to wrap my gifts in.  Well, why not use gift bags that look like purses?  These purses as well as the ones below are made with #80 cardstock, so they are pretty sturdy.  Cute and tiny but big enough to hold a small gift, treats, pens, or what ever you may want to use them for.  This is our clutch bag style and we have many other styles available in a wide variety of colors and prints.
Call or write us for more info.  

Asian Purse

This is our Asian purse in red and black.  Great for gift bags, party favors, etc.  Available in assorted colors.  

Floral Pink & Chocolate Purse

This is our pink / chocolate purse.  This purse is big enough to hold a small gift, gift card, money or to even use as party favors or goody bags.  Great for those girly girl parties.  The possibilities are endless!  Available in different colors.  

Another Diaper Cake

Again, sorry not a good picture but I forgot to take a picture of the cake before I wrapped it up.  Anyhow, this is how the diaper cake comes wrapped in cellophane.  Sorry but the details of the design didn't photo well.  This diaper cake had a baby animals theme and the top was a baby lion stuffed animal.  Tucked nicely atop every other diaper were paper flowers.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Halloween Items......

I know many of you are waiting for the Halloween treats we have come up with here at Paper Kisses.  Sorry it is taking so long but we are waiting for our shipment of Halloween papers and embellishemnt to arrive from My Minds Eye.  They have such a beautiful Halloween line that just came out.  I have a few samples that are complete and will try to upload pictures of them tomorrow.  As for the rest of the samples, please be patient as we wait for our shipment to arrive.  When they do, we'll have more samples for you.  Keep checking back for updates.

Tiffany blue & Chocolate centerpieces

Here is the centerpiece we made for our wedding.  Just a simple rounded square glass vase filled with some short stemmed tulips, topped off with matching ribbons.

Tiffany blue & Chocolate wedding favors

Here are the wedding favors my husband and I did for our own wedding in May.  Being the Tiffany fanatic that I am, I just had to use these colors!  As with anything you order through us, please specify your wedding colors.  Favors can come filled with candy or items of your choice or may be ordered empty for you to fill.  Call us for prices.

Wedding cards

Once again, more of those gift bag / cards.  The designs on these cards can also be used to make regular cards if you're not in need of these gift bag / cards.

It's hard to see the bridal dress in these pictures but the dress has beautiful embossed swirls on it.  The flowers for her bouquet are 3D and there are pearl accents on this card.

Be sure to check back to see more wedding cards, favors and centerpieces.

Birthday Cards

We have many different types of handmade cards on hand.  Here are a couple of those gift bag / cards that were shown a while back.   Remember, these gift bag / cards come in an acetate gift box and ribbon since they don't fit in a regular sized envelope.
Birthday Wishes card
Happy birthday - puppy card

Pooh Birthday Card

Here is a sample of  Pooh Bithday card we have.  Inside is a slot to insert a gift card.  This card as well as all of the others we have, may be ordered without the gift card slot.