Thursday, September 25, 2008

Caramel Apple Paint Cans

  The paint cans are back!!  This time we've filled them with a caramel apple kit!  Since these are the small (1-quart) sized cans, the kit is only enough to make one caramel apple.  Each can comes with an apple, wooden dowel, handful of caramels to make the caramel sauce and a bag of chopped roasted peanuts.  All you have to do is insert wooden dowel in apple, heat caramels in the microwave, dip apple in melted caramel and then into the bag of chopped peanuts.  Really, it's that simple!!!  But we've included instructions just incase.  

I made them for my kids tonight and they just loved them!  This is the perfect little gift for those little ghosts and goblins on Halloween.  A friend of mine just ordered a bunch to give to her guests at her Halloween party.  Remember Halloween falls on a Friday this it's perfect for a Halloween party!

We also have these kits available in our large (1-gallon) sized paint cans with enough ingredients to make 4 caramel apples.