Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gift Bags

Let us design a custom gift bag set for your special occasion.  In the first picture there is a paper purse with matching wallet.  Wallet opens up to reveal a greeting card and has a slot for either money or a gift card.  The small box you see was just a jewelry box that was wrapped in the same paper as purse and wallet.  The second picture shows entire gift ensemble.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Christmas cans - traditional

I know it's not even Halloween yet but I thought I'd show you the Christmas cans we did last year.  A very good friend of mine ordered these and wanted to go with traditional colors.  These are the 1-quart sized cans and were filled with candy to give to her co-workers.  It's hard to see but in the last picture these cans have shaker lids that are filled with Christmas confetti.  Remember, all cans can come cellophane wrapped with matching gift tag at no extra cost.  

Christmas cans - pastel

Here are the Christmas cans and matching party favors we did for a friends Christmas party last Christmas.  The cans were filled with cookies and the favors were filled with dinner mints.
We decided to go with a pastel theme rather than the ordinary red and green and I really love how they came out.  

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hello Kitty Paint Cans

Shown here are Hello Kitty cans we did for girls day.  

Pooh Cans

Sorry these aren't the best of pictures.  Anyhow, here we have a set of Pooh cans done for a birthday party.   The front reads "thanks".  These were given out as thank you gifts for the people who helped put the party together.  Shown here are the 1-gallon cans.  

Spa in a Can - Happy Birthday

"Spa In A Can" contents include bath gel, body spray, lotion, bath fizzies and a bath pouf.  Available in numerous designs and colors.  Call us for prices.  

Soccer Cans

These cans were done as a special order for a girls soccer team.  

Paint Cans - Assorted

All paint cans are made to order.  Call us for prices.

Spa in a Can - Mother's Day

Here are the "Spa In A Cans" we did for the Mother's Day craft fair in May.  Cans come in two sizes, 1-quart and 1-gallon.  All cans can be made to order, either filled or empty.   The 1-gallon cans shown here were filled with body spray, bath fizzies, body lotion and a bath puff.  The 1-quart cans shown here were filled with chocolates.  They can also come cellophane wrapped with attached gift tag.  Call us for prices.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A couple more....

The yellow bouquet on the left comes in a real watering can with real tools. Centers of flowers are rhinestones.
The pink / chocolate trio on the right also comes in baby blue / chocolate.  

More bouquets....

Just some of the bouquets we have. The first two red ones have heart shaped Hershey's chocolates, and the pink Easter bouquet has peanut butter cups in the centers. Some of you may have seen these before but bear with me as we need to add these to our page.
The red asian bouquet has rhinestones in the centers of each flower.
The purple and pink bouquets on the bottom come in a real watering can with real tools and also have rhinestones in the centers of each flower. Aren't they adorable!

It's a Boy candy bouquet

Visiting a new mommy at the hospital? Why bring her flowers that look good for a few days and then die? Bring her flowers she can eat! That's right....these flowers have chocolate centers and after all the chocolates are gone the flowers will last forever. Bouquets can come in different colors, with different vases and candy. Call us to customize one for you!

Baby Cards

Other samples of baby cards we have on hand.  Watch for more to come.

Gift Card / Bags for Baby

For those of you who don't know what kind of gift to bring to a baby shower or simply don't have time to shop, here is a cute alternative.  These cards have a little gift bag on the front that is big enough to hold a gift card.  Gift bag has velcro inside so that your gift card won't fall out.   It's kinda hard to see but in the last picture you'll see that the card is wrapped in an acetate gift box since it won't fit in a regular envelope.  All of our gift card bags comes wrapped in these acatate boxes and ribbon.  We also have these gift card bags for other occasions.