Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello Kitty Elf Gift Box / Bag

  Okay, so I didn't quite get Hello Kitty out of my system yet, but just take a look at this Hello Kitty in an elf suit....isn't she just the sweetest!?  Well, I'm still trying to create new little treat boxes for Christmas since so many of my customers have children still in grade school and they would like something small to give all of their classmates.  After much thought I came up with this at around 1 o'clock this morning!  (no, it didn't take me all night to make....I was also creating another box that I'll show you in the next post).  Anyways, this box stands 6" tall and is 2" wide.  It's big enough to hold 8 or more of those regular sized candy canes or other small treats or trinkets.


Joy said...

WOW! this is so cool! this is all made out of paper? do you have a cricut? this is totally adorable! I love it! you have to teach me all your least some =)

Teri said...

I just love this HK elf!! Was this from the cricut cartridge?? I need to get this! Saw your link from Joy's blog! So fun to find more island girls!! xo, Teri

Tammy said...

Oh My I feel like I've found a new home!
I love love Hello Kitty.
Yes it's true I'm a 30 somthing and love her.
My family got me ton's of Hello Kitty stuff for XMas and they just laughed at me and I was just smiling from ear to ear.
This is so cute.