Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cocoa packets

I whipped up these little cocoa packets for the craft fair yesterday.  I figured they would make a great little gift for the kids to give their friends for christmas.  Something small and inexpensive but cute enough to show someone you care.  We have more styles available but as usual I only took pictures of Hello Kitty and that sweet little Angel Anya.


Joy said...

WOW! you have been very busy! I love how you come up with such great ideas and your color combo makes it even more exciting to look at! hello kitty is always something great to use because most people love it! I do! can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Berenice said...

Super cute! Great job :)
I love Hello Kitty too.

Teri said...

I love your cocoa packets! Those Anya stamps are super cute! I'm gonna have to get some soon!!

Tammy said...

I'm crazy excited about your blog.
I'm so glad you found mind and signed up to follow it so that I can now follow your's.
With all your Hello Kitty and Ian and Anya. Wow I'll be visiting often!