Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring New Products Show

  Just wanted to let you guys know that we will be at the Spring New Products Show at the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall this weekend.  The show starts today at 5 p.m. and runs through Sunday.
If you are in the area please stop by and say hello.  I will be sharing a booth with my aunt so if you stop by look for "Chassy's Creations".  She has some awesome stuff too!  My sister will also be there selling her "Never Satisfied" clothing line.  Hope to see you there!


Kyoko said...

Hi Chalsie! Thanks for the 411. Wow, your whole family is talented! I hope I can make it we are doing some renovations at home and it's been kinda hectic. Have a great weekend!

PS: TGF has new releases. Did you get some? I did ... heehee!!


Linda said...

Hey Chalsie! Hope you have a very successful craft fair! You got some cute stuff for sale! I'll try to make it if I can! xoxo, Linda