Wednesday, April 15, 2009 put a smile on my face!

I received this blog award from Joy of A Place To Be Me.  I tell you, she is so sweet..... she always thinks of me and always takes time to stop by and comment on every post that I make (even if sometimes my projects aren't much to ooh and ahh over! LOL!).  Thank you Joy!

I am supposed to pass this award to 5 people so here they are:
1.)  Linda.......Simple and Sassy Creations
2.)  Kyoko.......Cards and Tags Mania
3.)  Cami.......Capture A Heart
5.)  Maureen.......My C.A.S.E. Studies

Please stop by their blogs and send them some love!


Kyoko said...

OMG Chalsie! What a special award from Joy! You deserve it, and THANK YOU for thinking of me when passing it on! Big Hugs!

Linda said...

Hey you! You so deserve this award from Joy! Congratulations! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for thinking of me for this award! Chalsie, I had such a horribly bad day today and this totally wiped every bad thing out ... I am so touched by this gesture of kindness ~ you can't even imagine how happy you've made me. I need a kleenex now to wipe away my tears of joy! Again, thank you so very much! xoxo, Linda

Joy said...

you are so sweet! I am always ooohhhing...and aaaahhhhing over all your projects! you do fantastic work and I get so inspired to do more when I come! I love how "perfect" your projects/creations are!!! You deserve this award! take care!

Cami said...

Wow Chalsie! You deserve this award from Joy because you do inspire us with your projects...all the time! And THANK YOU for sharing this with me. You're just so sweet and humble and you always put a smile on my face. Hugs to you, Cami

Christine said...

Congratulations on receiving your blog award. I can totally see why you received it. Your blog is wonderful. Full of beautiful things that me smile!! Have a wonderful weekend.
xoxo, Christine

Carol said...

Congratulations! Just found your blog as I jumped here from Maureen's and i really like your creations - i will be a visitor from here in :) thanks!