Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Mother's Day Gift Box and A Beautiful RAK

I hope all you mommy's had a splendid Mother's Day.  

I know it's kinda late to post Mother's Day stuff but I wanted to share this pretty 3" x 6" box I put together for my mom's gift.  
Here's a close up of the acetate window stamped with "Mother" and "Butterfly Kisses" by PTI.

RAK from Linda

Linda from Simple and Sassy Creations sent me this adorable monkey card.  The DP she used is so cute, it has all these little monkeys on it!  I just love it, it's so cute!
She also made me this Twilight bookmark.  If you guys didn't already know, Linda and I are obsessed with Edward Cullen!  It sounds retarded....I know......but we don't care! LOL!  She also gave me a Twilight button of Edward kissing Bella.  I told Linda that I wish it was me he was kissing! LMAO!  Okay, okay....too much info...I know!  Anyways, Linda you are so awesome, thank you so much!


Joy said...

love that mother's day gift box! you make such "perfect" projects! this came out so sweet and I know your mother loved it! where did you get the sentiment? I love that too! great RAK! you gals are all crazy about twilight...never really got to get into it, but I like to see you girls get all!

Tammy said...

Great colors on the gift box. It turned out great.
The RAK's are so sweet!

Kyoko said...

Hey Chalsie Girl! WOW, look at the Mother's Day box ... I LOVE THE COLORS and boy it came out SUPER NICE!

Yah, isn't my BFF the greatest ... she just goes GAAGAAs over Eddie!!

Cami said...

That's a beautiful gift box you made for your Mom for Mother's Day! You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful ideas! And what a neat RAK. Everyone's reading Twilight or talks about Twilight. Close your eyes and pretend he's kissing you! hehehe. Nice to have friends to share things! Hugs, Cami

marisa said...

Beautiful box Chalsie! Very sweet RAK you received! Yes Edward is tooooo hot! I am also on Team Edward!! Have a great day! :)

Denise said...

Very beautiful box! Love the pink & black. That is a cute book mark. I just started reading Twilight, I know I am realy late on this hype, but daughter read it, and said I should read it since I read romance books daily.... I have yet to watch the dvd!! I might get gaga for Edward like LINDA!!

Teri said...

Love the box you made for your mom Chalsie! Beautiful!! Linda's card to you is so cute! I never got into Twilight guys are so cute to be so obsessed with Edward...xo, Teri

Jamee said...

very cute mothers day gift box!! i really like your bookmark, if I had edward on my bookmark i'd never be able to finish reading the books!!!