Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet 16

I hope you all had a nice three day weekend. As for me, it seemed more like a week than three days! Usually I love three day weekends but this weekend we were so busy! We celebrated my daughters 16th birthday on Saturday and today my family ran in the Great Aloha Run. Talk about exhausting! But don't get me wrong, it was tons of fun! I'm just glad its over.

So for all those Hello Kitty fans this post is for you. I couldn't get away without making my own daughter her very own Hello Kitty favors for her friends. Since they are a little older I had to make something more age appropriate so I came up with these:

Rockstar Hello Kitty 1-quart paint cans with matching clocks.

I used Fushia Swarovski crystals in place of the missing numbers and on the pails in Hello Kitty's bow.

Placed all the clocks in those cute little Hello Kitty bags you see in the background and filled each paint can with goodies.
The girls loved them!

Here's a picture I took of my daughter (the one holding the baby) and some of her friends while we were setting up.

Happy Sweet 16 baby girl!



Evie C. said...

As a huge Hello Kitty fan, I think you did a fantastic job! Your daughter is lucky to have you and your creative juices. TFS

Joy said...

Can I get a set too? or maybe you can be my mom for my birthday! LOL! I love what you made! those are the sweetest gifts ever! love that you made hello kitty a rock star added those crystals and each of them got a matching set! so beautiful! you ROCK! glad you and your family had a fun time doing the great aloha run. I would love to run it again one day...haha! maybe with my daughter when she gets older! have a fabulous week and miss you, so glad you are back!

Brenda said...

love the clocks and hk paint cans! hope you had a great time at the great aloha run!

Cami said...

Hey there Chals! What a delightful HK set you made for your daughter's BD party. So just like you to go all out and come up with the grandest ideas! Her friends are very fortunate to receive these gifts. I'm so happy when I get to see your creations!
Hugs, Cami

JanJan808Kreate said...

OMG luv the HK favors...just became a follower...hope you do the same..

Teri said...

Love the rock star Hello Kitty favors you made for your daughter! I'm sure all of her friends loved it! Hope all is well with you, take care!

Jen said...

Very Cute!!! I did a Sweet 16 birthday with Hello Kitty too. Fun, Fun, Fun! Hope all is well, girlie!!


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WoW! great HK collection. .i super love the HK clock.