Monday, January 5, 2009

Dorothy Anya and a Valentine's Day Treat

  After taking a very much needed break from crafting and blogging (since the holidays wiped me out!) I'm back with our first Valentine's Day treat.   This adorable Dorothy Anya is a digital image by The Greeting Farm (formerly Pink Poison).  Marie over at The Greeting Farm has been creating digital images and they all are just the cutest!  Be sure to check out her website.      The box measures about 5" tall x 3" wide, has a removable lid and has an acetate window on the front so you can see the delicious goodies inside.  Below is a close up of the image.  I added pink embroidery thread to her pony tails and inserted a rhinestoned heart under her hands.   I filled this box with Hapi Strawberry Gummy candy.  I bought it cause the wrapper is pink but they taste really good!


Joy said...

this is so cute! you come up with the greatest and cutest things! I love it! I will definitely go and check out those digital images =) thanks for letting me know. I love your details on the girl! too cute!

Teri said...

I love the idea of Anya on digital. Your Dorothy Anya is adorable!

Cecile said...

What a great giftable idea! Did you get this template from somewhere or did you come up with it all on your own? I'm still pretty new with crafty things, so I dunno that I could figure it out myself o_O
Keep up the great work!